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The most difficult part of hurricane season is when Roof and Shingle Repair is more likely to be required, and for those who live near the Atlantic, this is a yearly concern. The time period of June 1st through November 30th is considered to be the most expected for a hurricane to occur, and therefore, for this service to be expected. As recently as five years ago, we saw storms develop around the month of May as well. In Florida, this generally signifies that 8 to 9 months of severe stormy weather are present, requiring extensive Roof and Shingle Repair.

How a hurricane develops and what it can do is no mystery, but it’s something that has fascinated people for centuries and will continue to be tracked and observed due to its destructive nature. How the form is relatively simple; a thunderstorm off West Africa forms the base of a hurricane, which tends to begin with an initial thunderstorm. When several thunderstorms coalesce, they form a tropical depression, an area of low atmospheric pressure. If the storm has enough energy from the warmth of the water, it can turn into a hurricane with winds that blow more than 39 miles per hour. A hurricane is a category 4 if the storm has winds that twist faster than 74 miles per hour.

Those who live in the Caribbean or east coast run a rather high risk of being in the path of a powerful hurricane. This is because if the hurricane is over warm water and humid air it can strengthen significantly. Thankfully, they lose their energy as they move deeper into neighboring states because they no longer have as much power as they did earlier on.

A hurricane can make severe waves and tides, leading to massive waves and severe rises in water levels, as well as extensive beach erosion, destruction, and more. During a hurricane, strong winds can rip shingles off of your roof, cause severe water damage and flooding, and cause nearby debris and tree branches to clamber onto your roof. Hurricanes are extremely dangerous and can sometimes be felt for weeks after they’re gone. This is why it’s crucial to not only already have a strong roof installed, but get it inspected by a reliable roofer.

All of your Roof and Shingle Repair needs may be met by Morton Roofing, whether after a hurricane or even if you need general maintenance. With experience and quality work that are unmatched, you can rely on Morton Roofing for all of your Roof and Shingle Repair, no matter how severe.

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