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Hurricane season is almost upon us, and while there are many preventative measures you can take to keep your home as safe as possible, sometimes Palm Beach residential roofing damage is still inevitable.

Coastal areas tend to be the most prone to hurricanes, but they can technically strike any area in the United States. Severe weather elements can occur during a hurricane, such as high winds and rain, and while these elements have the potential to cause significant damage to your roof all on their own, but when they work together the damage will more than likely be much worse.

Damage to Palm Beach Residential Roofing inflicted by high winds, for example, can worsen tenfold when exposed to heavy rains. Wind gusts during even a category one hurricane could, at times, reach 150 miles per hour or more, and these strong winds can directly impact your roof by ripping off shingles, roof tiles, and even the roof deck. Gutters can be pulled from the side of your roof, causing further damage to nearby areas.

High winds can also indirectly affect your roof such as by tree limbs, flying objects, and smaller debris that are picked up by the wind and thrown about your property. The impact from these foreign objects can cause shingles and tiles to fall away, or even create holes through your roof.

Heavy rain can cause excessive wear and tear on your Palm Beach Residential Roofing as well by loosening shingles, so it needs replacement sooner than would otherwise be necessary, but the real problem with heavy rain during hurricanes is when the roof has already sustained damage. When an already damaged roof is exposed to heavy rains, the roofing structure can suffer severe water damage. Water can also damage your attic once areas have been exposed to the elements.

Morton Roofing works with tile, shingles, metal, and flat roofs for a variety of Palm Beach Residential Roofing jobs. We can design and install a new roof for your home, transforming the style of your property, increasing your curb appeal, and even adding to your equity. We can also perform major roofing repairs, patch up holes, and reform structures that have been compromised from damage. For example, if your shingle roof has a hole that goes through to the attic, you may think a repair is impossible. At Morton Roofing, we can thoroughly repair the problem as if there was no damage in the first place. Call 800-548-7663 with any questions about your roofing needs.


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