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It would come as no surprise to most that the need for a Roof Repair Contractor will usually come if there is severe damage to your roof. At times, that could happen due to unforeseen circumstances or freak accidents, but most of the time a really powerful storm could do quite a bit of damage. While sometimes the signs of roof damage are pretty obvious, like curled or missing roof shingles, it may take a Roof Repair Contractor to spot some damage that is not as obvious such as broken or damaged roof flashing, wet walls, water issues around your home’s exterior, or winter ice damming.


Some things to look out for when it comes to noting any signs of damage include overall shingle condition, such as when shingles are missing entirely. Hail storms could cause dings and dents in asphalt shingles as well. One should also look out for missing flashing along the edges of the roof and along skylights, vents, and chimneys.


You might even be able to spot any damage by taking a walk around the perimeter of your house or getting a good view from one of your windows. You should look for fallen tree limbs, missing fence posts, or damage to lawn furniture and other decorations.


Making notes or even taking pictures of any visible signs of damage could even be good for insurance purposes. A storm can also result in dents on your home’s gutters and roofing accessories, such as gable vents and other overhangs, and windows should be inspected for cracks, broken glass, loose weather-stripping, and torn screens.


You can schedule an inspection if you notice some signs of damage after a storm to be sure there isn’t anything too severe and the damage can be fixed as soon as possible. An experienced Roof Repair Contractor will be able to better notice unseen leaks that may lead to bigger problems later. For example, damage to ceilings, light fixtures, and your attic should all be inspected for water leaks and spots.


Morton Roofing s a Roof Repair Contractor that works with tile, shingles, metal, and flat roofs for a variety of jobs. We can design and install a new roof for your home, transforming the style of your property, increasing your curb appeal, and even adding to your equity. We can also perform major roofing repairs, patch up holes, and reform structures that have been compromised from damage. Call 800-548-7663 with any questions about your roofing needs.


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