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One of the biggest reasons to seek out a new roof installation is severe water damage and deterioration caused by moisture. If it goes untreated for long enough, the structural integrity of the whole roof will be too far gone. When it comes to moisture, it has to be caught as soon as possible for it to be dealt with and for the small amount of damage to be reversed. There could be some clue as to how moisture could go so far without being noticed, so before you get a roof installation, consult the professionals on how to either avoid the collection of water on your roof and what minor fixes can be done to lengthen the lifespan of your current roof.


First, there are multiple ways moisture can be caught in your roof. When it’s storm season, quite obviously there is the possibility of roof damage from rain and hail slamming against your roof or collecting there hours after the storm has passed. If you are proactive, situations like this can be dealt with immediately after it’s safe enough to do an inspection of the damage, whether by debris or just rainwater. Once a storm passes, it’s very common to schedule routine maintenance or repair on one’s roof since there is likely to be something to worry about that needs checking.


But what if there was no storm? Well, there are other reasons why moisture can collect on your roof. For example, if your gutter is clogged, there is likely to be water buildup that can get under the roof coating or even damage the surface or any of the underlying materials. Roof condensation can also happen when hot air from inside the home rises up to the roof. As it meets with the cooler outside air, it turns into condensation and it can collect and soak there. This could cause a variety of problems such as rot, mold, and insects. These are great examples of how some situations are not necessarily directly impacting the roof, such as a tree branch, snow, or hail, but they can still have severe impacts on its infrastructure.


Don’t try to fix your roof yourself with limited knowledge and experience. Contact the experts at Morton Roofing who can recommend a roof installation to you if they think the moisture has done too much damage to your roof and home. If there is anything they can do to avoid a costly roof installation, leave it to the experts to know how to do it in the most effective way possible. If you need roof repairs and installations, call 954-783-5883 today.

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