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FAQ About Storm Damage & Roof Repair Boca Raton

There are many reasons to research roof repair in Boca Raton. Protecting the structural integrity of your roofing system should be a top priority. After all, roofs are one of the most important aspects of any fundamental home maintenance and repair plan. 

As soon as a roof shows signs of damage or leaks, it is wise to contact a licensed Boca Raton roofing company to locate the source of the damage and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. The sooner a roof problem is addressed, the less costly and invasive the repair process will be. 

This is especially true when there are concerns about roof damage due to storms. It’s extremely common for homeowners in Boca Raton to have roof repair questions following powerful storms.

Continue reading to find some frequently asked questions about roof repair and replacement for a better understanding of your roofing system’s needs after following a major storm. If you’re looking for roof repairs in Boca Raton and are prepared to get a quote, please contact Morton Roofing.

FAQ About Roof Repairs and Storm Damage

Should I still repair my roof when there is only a small amount of damage?

Even if there is only a small amount of damage, it’s important to have it repaired to protect the structural integrity of your roofing system. Neglecting to repair small damages can lead to more costly ones down the line, like water damage.

Will insurance drop me for filing a roof repair claim?

Since storm damage is something that is generally out of your control, it is very unlikely that your insurance provider will drop your policy. In fact, it is illegal for them to do so in most states. Though some exceptions do exist, your policy will not be canceled for filing a storm damage repair claim in most cases.

Will my insurance carrier increase rates if I file a roof repair claim?

It is common for insurance carriers to raise rates after a severe storm or natural disaster. It’s recommended to file a claim for roof repair regardless since the damage was out of your control, though there are exceptions. 

Discussing your concerns with an experienced roof repair contractor can help you to better understand your circumstances.

Why is my new roof not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty?

It is very common for roofing product manufacturers to exclude certain repairs from their warranties, such as hail damage. Keep in mind that newer roofs are more prone to some types of damage since they have not yet had time to cure and gain resistance against the weather elements. 

To avoid this problem, speak to a trusted roof repair contractor in Boca Raton about the affordable storm damage protection options available to you.

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If you have more questions, don’t wait to ask. Find the answers you need for any residential roofing or roof repair services you might need by speaking with an experienced Boca Raton roof company.

Morton Roofing has over half a century of experience providing quality roofing system solutions to the South Florida community. Call us today at 800-548-7663 to learn more.


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