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Repair a Flat Roof

Repair a Flat Roof with Morton Roofing

If you need to repair a flat roof due to water damage, animal-related damage, debris, or anything else, you should call the best in the roofing industry, Morton Roofing. While a flat roof is very common in commercial settings, if you are a homeowner with a flat roof, this helpful information can be of use to you as well. After all, your roof is what keeps you safe, warm, and away from a lot of natural elements like wind, rain, and snow. Morton Roofing can repair a flat roof no matter the size or location.


If your building is in a geographical area that is susceptible to severe storms, having a professional perform routine inspections and maintenance to your flat roof will become very beneficial to you in the long run. A hurricane can happen with very little notice to you and your family, and even the best roofers can’t fix your roof with less than a day’s notice. Calling your roofing company during an “off-season” when heavy storms are less likely to occur can give them a chance to thoroughly check if your roof has any weaknesses that need to be fixed now or later.


In fact, even without the chance of bad weather, your roof can be damaged from a lot of other things such as tree branches falling and breaking atop it. It should be noted that keeping regular lawn and tree maintenance, especially those so close to your roof is very important as well. Even when they don’t cause massive, sudden damage, fallen twigs, leaves, and other debris can form into mulch which can essentially trap moisture and cause damage and rot to your roof over time.


Wildlife can also create quite a nuisance, especially on a flat roof that serves as an invitation for a critter to stop by and cause problems. Birds, raccoons, bats, squirrels, rats, and mice can damage your flat roof by way of making nests, chewing, and defecating on it. There is also no doubt that eventually, they will want to find a way into your building especially if it rains or snows.


No matter the cause, there is always a reason to repair a flat roof whether the repair is small or large. Morton Roofing can not only assist in scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, but they can be there to repair a flat roof after a severe storm that leaves your roof with immeasurable damage. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the elements, call Morton Roofing at 800-548-7663! for an estimate today.


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