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Flat Roof in South Florida

Flat Roof in South Florida

Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or a complete re-roof, services to install a Flat Roof in South Florida are available with Morton Roofing. A roof that is stable and durable keeps your business safe from the elements, whether it’s a high-rise, part of a strip mall, or a stand-alone building. This is why you need the best people for the job, and Morton Roofing is the best choice when it comes to your Flat Roof in South Florida.


Flat roofs, which are most common in South Florida, are typically constructed in the flat-roofed style. We can modify, repair, and maintain any flat roof style on any size property. There are numerous flat roof styles, and any size property may have one. Flat roofs are roofs that are comprised of multiple layers of asphalt between ply sheets (or felts) over the roof deck and insulation. Built-Up Roofs, also known as BUR roofs, are also another popular flat roofing styles we work with. Flat roofs were the first kind of roof to be used in construction, and they still continue to be very effective and straightforward in the installation process.


A BUR membrane system may face a number of problems as a result of its location in the middle of a building. It may be flat or have low slopes, which could lead to premature breakdown. Air conditioners can also cause problems by ponding water or simply due to their weight. A reliable roofing company can prevent all of these problems, though, especially through regular maintenance.


Depending on the type of damage sustained to your Built Up Roof roof, it may need new layers of tar applied, or it may be vulnerable to structural problems altogether. We can also repair what’s been done if it has been damaged due to a leaking drain pipe.


If you own a business, any downtime caused by a damaged roof is a lost profit you cannot afford, which is why Morton Roofing will handle installing your Flat Roof in South Florida as quickly as possible, making sure that all repairs and installations do not hinder the function of your business while doing the best job possible. This is also why maintenance should be the highest priority since it means less time the business needs to cease operations and avoids the worst damage possible.


Morton Roofing has been in the Flat Roof in South Florida business for over 60 years. We can tackle all your roofing concerns, from simple maintenance tasks to repairing years of structural damage. Please contact us at 954-783-5883 if you have any questions.


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