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Roof Damage in Florida

Roof Damage in Florida

There are many causes of Roof Damage in Florida. For one, birds, squirrels, cats, amphibians, and reptiles can make homes on your roof or just use the tops of buildings to help them get around cars and the nuisance of humans bothering them. That alone can mean scratches, decay, mold, droppings, and all sorts of other damage. And if you live in an area that is prone to storms, you can expect a lot of Roof Damage in Florida caused by rain, wind, hail, and debris that is inevitable in strong storm weather. But there is also another explanation for your roof damage and that is the sun. The sun is an incredibly powerful star we revolve around, and therefore our close proximity to it has its benefits, like light and warmth, but it inevitably has its drawbacks as well.


Primarily, the damage caused by the sun is due to UV radiation or excessive heat. Extreme UV exposure will not only alter the color of your room and will also make it faed over time. This is what is referred to as bleaching, and darker-colored roofs are actually more likely to suffer from this. Something to note is that it isn’t the kind of issue that will affect the structural integrity of your roof, and since it’s an issue you can notice visually, you can get someone to fix it when you see it occurring. While it’s not an emergency, fading and bleaching will assuredly affect the aesthetic of your home and your resale value. Bleached roofs can’t really be fixed easily as the effects of fading can’t be reversed, so usually, this will result in a total replacement.


Common protective coatings such as acrylic and polyurethane are put onto roofs to help them last longer and protect against weather-related damages like from heavy rain or hail. The only problem is that UV radiation can dry the coating which may lead to cracks and ruptures in it. If the structural integrity of the coating is compromised due to UV radiation, it is more susceptible to damage from the natural elements. More damage means the likelihood of more leaks, which results in water damage, and so on.


Morton Roofing is a professional contractor who specializes in not only Roof Damage in Florida but any other roof problem you might have. Stormy weather in Florida can cause many issue sin your roof, so it is always good to have regular maintenance, inspection, and minor repairs whenever you can. If you want the best specialists in Roof Damage in Florida, call Morton Roofing at 954-783-5883.


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