Commercial Roofing and Repair; Roof Damage in Florida

Commercial Roofing and Repair

Commercial Roofing and Repair

For those near the Atlantic, Commercial Roofing and Repair might be quite common during hurricane season which is considered to be between June 1st and November 30th. In more recent years we’ve even started to see storms forming around the month of May as well. For Floridians, this basically means that there is the better part of 8 to 9 months where severe stormy weather is occurring, affecting the integrity of your home or business, and requiring Commercial Roofing and Repair.


You might be wondering how a hurricane even gets formed, to begin with, and how can a storm cause so much damage in what sometimes feels like a short amount of time. First, we should begin by explaining the storm itself. It usually will begin with an average thunderstorm off the coast of west Africa. When several of them form, they might begin to spin around a tropical depression which in this case means an area of low atmospheric pressure. It will grow into one large storm if it gains enough energy from the warmth of the ocean water, with winds blowing more than 39 miles an hour. It will be considered a hurricane if winds twirl faster than 74 miles per hour.


This is how we generally get hurricanes in tropical climates because they can only gain so much power from being over warm water and humid air. Once it hits land, you will start to notice it losing that power and energy, growing weaker as it moves deeper into the neighboring states.


Now, when it comes to the power and destruction it can have on our property, let’s look at some of the devastations a hurricane can cause. The heavy winds of a hurricane can cause storm surges and tides, creating massive waves and severe rising in water levels, leading to beach erosion, loss of life, road and bridge damage, and more. Heavy rainfall, and especially strong wind, can rip shingles off of your roof, cause severe water damage and flooding, or cause nearby debris and tree branches to clammer onto your roof. Hurricanes are extremely dangerous, and the effects can sometimes be felt for weeks after it’s gone.


By calling Morton Roofing, you can ensure only the best in Commercial Roofing and Repair services, whether after a hurricane or even if you need general maintenance. Morton Roofing can handle all your Commercial Roofing and Repair needs by offering professional and reliable work that is incomparable to the rest. Call 800-548-7663 today for an estimate.


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