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Roofing Company in Boca Raton

Roofing Company in Boca Raton

Since Florida is in always in and out of  hurricane season, it’s critical to grasp how the elements can affect your roof and whether you need to hire a Roofing Company in Boca Raton if the storm approaches. The heavy precipitation and strong winds should be a sufficient concern as it is, but you should also be cognizant of how hailstones might impact your roof. Hail does not occur with all hurricanes, but because of its prevalence, the risk is there.

For example, The damage hail can cause to your roof is absolutely astounding, and having a roofing company in Boca Raton do it instead of replacing it is the only viable option. It is much worse than that, however, as the hail actually tears holes in your roof and leaves you with just two choices: have your roofing contractor in Boca Raton repair or replace it. Hopefully, the hail will be rare enough to only loosen shingles or damage the outer layers of your roof.

You must be concerned about hurricanes and lightning together, since it is actually pretty hard to avoid the former. Although a lightning strike directly to your roof is extremely rare, there is still the risk that it might happen. A lightning strike can burst a hole through your roof, cause burning or searing of roofing elements, and in the worst case scenario, could ignite a fire. It can also tear gutter and shingle off the roof, as well as leave your first or second floor vulnerable to water damage.

Even if you take the proper precautions, there is always the possibility that your roof will sustain damage from a powerful hurricane like the one that occurred in 2005. Even if your roof is in good condition, it is usually less likely to sustain severe damage during a hurricane. If you have an annual roof inspection performed before hurricane season arrives, you will ensure your roofing contractor checks for weak spots in your roof’s foundation.

Morton roofing has been providing service as a roofing company in  Boca Raton for decades, our knowledge and experience has lead us to the  high reputational nd good standing we’re proud  to have and continue to grow to this day!

We believe that choosing a Boca Raton Roofing Contractor is a difficult job. From roof maintenance to complete re-roofs, we’ve got your roof covered. We’ve worked as a trusted Roofing Contractor in Boca Raton for over 60 years. We can handle all your roofing concerns, from simple upkeep to the repair of decades of structural damage. Call us at 800-548-7663 to get an estimate on roofing in West Palm Beach!


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