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The roof above your home or business is working around the clock to keep your property safe from the elements.

Sadly, even the strongest roofs can fall victim to damage from the elements from time to time. At Morton Roofing, we believe that almost any roof can be repaired and brought back to its original glory. If your roof is leaking water, making noise or falling apart, don’t immediately spend your savings on a re-roof. We believe that roof repairs in South Florida are the first option for keeping most roofs functional. Whether you’ve got a small residential roof or a major commercial roof in need of repair, our team at Morton Roofing can get things back in order.

There are a variety of roofing repairs that we often encounter at Morton Roofing.

Tile roofs, though beautiful and often durable, can encounter some problems which are unique to their structure.

Over time, tiles can crack from debris and even from the constant Florida sunshine.

A cracked tile can become dangerous, falling away and allowing unwanted guests to find their way into your attic. Cracked tiles can bring roof leaks along with pests.

At Morton Roofing, we’re experienced with all types of repairs on tile roofs.

We work with some of the major types of tile including Hanson, Entegra and Monier. We can replace missing tiles, along with repairing any structural challenges which may have arisen.


There are many other roof repair companies in South Florida that we can assist with. Shingles roofs also encounter their own sets of issues over time.

The shingles may start to peel up, soon flying up in winds afterwards. Shingles can also start to deteriorate, leaving filings in your gutters and outdoor spaces. These types of shingles issues don’t immediately mean that you need a re-roof, we can provide shingle replacement and restructuring to help prevent similar problems from arising again. At Morton Roofing, we’re experienced with all types of shingles roofing. Our team are highly qualified to address any issues that arise with GAF and Tamko shingles.


Flat roofs along with metal and standing seam roofs can encounter their own problems as well.

We can reseal flat roofs to help keep leaks from forming, along with replacing any damaged components of the roof. Our experts can fabricate custom elements of your metal roofing, along with treating the surfaces to ensure that the roof’s strength is preserved. We’re capable of performing almost any roofing repair you can think of, bringing high quality craftsmanship and high quality materials to each roof we repair. A re-roof should never be the first answer when you’re having roofing problems, we’ll work to keep a strong roof above your head with our affordable and timely repairs. We can take care of all your roofing needs, from simple maintenance procedures to repair of years of structural damage. Trust your roof to our professionals at Morton Roofing.


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