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Home Roof Repair

Morton Roofing offers quality home roof repair at an affordable rate, call today for more information on how we can fix your home’s roof.

The sunshine state is an amazing place to live- most of the time anyway. We get bright sunshine, warm days, and awesome beaches. However with those amazing things also come some additional issues too. We get hurricanes in the sunshine state more than any other location in the country. Living in what is technically the tropics means even on sunny days,m there’s usually lots of humidity and moisture in the air. And, as any Florida resident can tell you, those bright fun days can be suddenly, unpredictably, and dramatically interrupted by rain that seems to have a mind of its own.

What does this mean for the homeowners in south Florida? Well, first and foremost it means making sure your home is capable of withstanding these issues. It also means dealing with them when problems arise, such as leaks in the roof of your home. That’s why Morton roofing is here, to help by offering our amazing home roof repair service when your home’s roof is not doing what it should-protecting your home and everyone and everything inside to the best possibility capability!

Heavy rain can cause excessive wear and tear on your Roofies well by loosening shingles, so it needs replacement sooner than would otherwise be necessary, but the real problem with heavy rain during hurricanes is when the roof has already sustained damage. When an already damaged roof is exposed to heavy rains, the roofing structure can suffer severe water damage. Water can also damage your attic once areas have been exposed to the elements.

There are different types of roofs you’ll find across the homes of south Florida. No matter what type of residential roofing option you have, we will be able to offer a repair that will get it back to normal. We only use the best sourced and highest quality materials from some of the most well-known and reputable roofing materials manufacturers. This includes Tamko, Firestone, Johns Manville, Hanson, and Entegra. The equipment we use is always new, well maintained, and up to date with modern standards and expectations.

Morton Roofing works with tile, shingles, metal, and flat roofs for a variety of Palm Beach Residential Roofing jobs. We can design and install a new roof for your home, transforming the style of your property, increasing your curb appeal, and even adding to your equity. We can also perform major roofing repairs, patch up holes, and reform structures that have been compromised from damage. For example, if your shingle roof has a hole that goes through to the attic, you may think a repair is impossible. At Morton Roofing, we can thoroughly repair the problem as if there was no damage in the first place. Call 800-548-7663 with any questions about your roofing needs.


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